French Window (Lattice)

A lattice window is a type of window casement, either fixed or hinged, with glazed bars running diagonally. Early designs used individual pieces of glass for each panel, but modern designs are made of one piece of glass crisscrossed with detachable grids than can be popped in or out of the window frame. You can also use lattice windows indoors.



The advantages of lattice windows are:

  • Variety. Slender, elongated styles are popular, but lattice windows also come in other shapes. Diamond grids are available for fixed, double-hung, casement, and sliding. Material options include aluminum, vinyl, wood, and clad combinations. Manufacturers also offer frosted, tempered, or solar-treated options.

  • Energy savings. Modern lattice windows include double or triple paned glass for reduced air and moisture leakage. This helps decrease the amount of heat and air conditioning used, resulting in lower energy bills.

  • Attractive. Lattice windows are historic and elegant. Old styling adds curb appeal to the home. Some lattice windows bear intricate details while others have a crisscrossed design. Either design can be used on old or modern homes, churches, and gazebos.

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